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Pyrol e Minette lançados ! - Im not a Toy

A Soom no site The Gem lança seus dolls de novembro,  Pyrol e Minette The Magic Horn, o período de encomenda para eles vai até dia 23 de novembro e a empresa informa que os 50 primeiros dolls a aserem comprados serão enviados antes do natal.

Recadinho The Gem:

First, thank you so much for your deep interest in our little Centaurus, Pyrol & Minette.^o^
We would like to inform you about the way we are going to ship out these dolls :
- We plan to ship about 50 dolls of each type (Pyrol and Minette) before X-Mas to the customers who have fully paid their
orders, according to a “first-come first-served” shipping order.
The earlier one’s customer order is paid off, the earlier the order will be shipped out.
- The orders of the customers who could not be included in this first “Before X-Mas” shipping period will follow a schedule
according to Soom regular shipping process.
- We will publish an additional notice once this first shipping period will be over.
- Please take note that this first bunch of dolls will be prepared in limited quantity so all our customers will not be able to
receive them before X-Mas. Thank you for your kind understanding. (_ _)

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