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Novidades BID dolls - Im not a Toy

IpleHouse posta um aviso sobre a nova linha BID e os Elementals, a previsão do lançamento é dia 25 de novembro.

Recadinho IpleHouse:

We are very pleased to release new BID starting together with new serious of Elemental Guardians.

Iplehouse has manufactured BID with great heart & soul since this spring in 2010, and finally, we can introduce it now to all customers.

New BID has Iplehouse’s beautiful natural body line and more upgraded movability.

The age is for three or four, so this is manufactured to show lovely character of this aged children.
We specially take cares about natural body line of BID, so existing 25 ~ 26 cm sized dolls’ clothes are available for them.

Also, we have already tested and confirmed that other doll companies’ clothes are fit for them as well.

Together with Elemental Guardians, limited 500ea of BID line are to be manufactured totally, and there is no plan to sell them in basic version.

Therefore, please note that you can buy them from Elemental Guardians only.

Again, we ask for your lots of love & support this time.

In addition, the company has a notice about shipping of dolls for the holidays

We would like to tell our shipping schedules now.

Concerning orders received until Nov. 19, we will do the best to deliver them by the Christmas.
About the orders after Nov. 19, however, we can’t guarantee whether customers can receive their orders before the Christmas.

If customers order the doll with NO make-up, we can ship the order in 20 days, or 30 days if latest.
If customers order the doll with the make-up, we need 20~30 days plus 2 ~ 3 weeks more.
Now, the waiting list for make-up is long and our shipping schedules are delayed.

It takes a lot of time to do the make-up, so we kindly ask you to understand the time.

Therefore, for customers who want to receive orders quickly, please order the doll with NO make-up.

For customers who want the make-up, please kindly understand that we have to devote enough time to get the best result.

Always, we make more efforts to do the best.

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