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Novos dolls e Evento na Crobi! - Im not a Toy

Crobi Doll começa seu evento de Inverno lançando 6 novos dolls, Tei, Do-hu, Jun e os 3 limitados, Mikhail  Day DreamHeidi  Day DreamLance Cheshire kitten . A empresa tb vai dar brindes nas compras (eu quero esse almofadão!).

Recadinho Crobi:

(1) New Line Up


Sale period: 2010. 11. 24 PM 6:00 (Korean Standard Time)

(2) Christmas Limited Line Up

Mikhail ~Day Dream~ Limited
Heidi ~Day Dream~ Limited
Lance ~Cheshire kitten~ Limited

Sale period : 2010. 11. 24 PM 6:00 (Korean Standard Time)

Crobi will be giving free gifts with purchases.

From Crobi:

For the year-end and New Year’s holidays,

Crobidoll have Event Items with confidence!

You can get these limited event items from Crobidoll!!

We hope you will enjoy this Event with full of joy and happiness, please :)

Event period:

2010.11.24  PM 6:00 ~ When the items prepared are sold out.


Event1. Customers buying more than 50 USD ->
Crobidoll’s original mouse mat

Event2. Order our dolls ->
¡ºWhole body piollow cover¡» + Crobidoll’s original mouse mat

*Whole body pillow cover is for all the dolls on Crobidoll’s website.
*Whole body pillow does not include cushion stuff.
*Event items will be given in the order of arrival and can be sold out early.

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