quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

Novidades Dollmore - Im not a Toy

Dollmore está baixando o valor total para quem comprar ter o envio grátis, os novos valores entram em vigor dia 6 de novembro.

Recadinho Dollmore:

Hi~ Dollmore customer ^_^
First, We are happy to inform you about good news~ ^^
1. From ordering on 6th, Nov in Korea time (Order No. 20101106**********)
you can take a free shipping in total over $500 except for the shipping cost.
over $500 => 1 box free shipping
over $1000 => 2 boxes free shipping
over $1500 => 3 boxes free shipping
After ordering, we will send you an invoice via paypal except for the shipping cost~
and If you want to pay by credit card on paygate, please ask on Q & A board. ^^
2. If you want to give gifts to the people you love.. How about it?
From tomorrow, “Online Gift CertificateIt will be put up on dollmore website with paypal link.
In addition, you will take 5% of it as your store credit. ^^

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