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Evento de Inverno da Leeke começa! - im not a toy

Leeke World começa seu evento de inverno (que ódio que estou sem dinheiro!), muitos dos itens novos já estão disponíveis e alguns outros vão estar disponíveis em dezembro. O evento vai até dia 10 de janeiro.

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Recadinho LeekeWorld:

November 15th to November 30th – GIFT DOLL
- We are going to give Richard(Basic set with Faceup) for two customers during LeekeWorld Doll Event(From 15th of November to 30th of November)
The drawing way is random by e-mail.
- If you buy over $30 you can enter in this event.
- We are going to announce two prize winner on the 13rd of December.
- We are going to announce in Notice page about winner ID and we are going to send an e-mail to winner.

From NOV 15th to DEC 13rd Christmas BOX
-.“Christmas BOX” are going to available.
-. $50 BOX – only 500 set.
-. You can choose your doll size.
-. if you buy $50 box, we will give $80 items.
-. Attention : The items are random, exchange and refund are impossible.
-. A customer can’t buy more than 2 Box. -. You can buy only this time.
-. If you don’t pay for this order on December 16th, your order will be canceled.

LEEKE’s WINTER Event – New DollLeeke

-. Snow skin – LIMITED
-. You can order L, M and D type dolls with Snow skin.
-. You can buy snow skin with doll only event time ( from 15th of November to 10th of JAN, 2011 )

-. Limited Doll – Rihael re-stock
-. Rihael will be released on 15th November, 2010 9:00 p.m ( Korean standard time )
-. We will sale 30 SETS ONLY.

-. DollLeeke – D type Fullset
-. Fullset doll will be released on 1st December, 2010 9:00 p.m ( Korean standard time )
-. We will sale 30 SETS ONLY.

-. Limited – DollLeeke – L type
-. Limited doll will be released on 15th December.
-. Limited from 15th of December to 15th of January, 2011

LEEKE’s WINTER Event – New items.

1st Pre-order items : from 15th November to 13rd December
2nd Pre-order items : from 14th December to 10th January,2011
Limited colors for wigs can be pre-ordered from 15th November to 10th January,2011.

*New color of Wigs – Limited Edition
*New horns
*New shoes – Limited Edition
*New wigs – Limited Edition
*New shoes
*New wigs

1st pre-order items will updated 2nd of November to 14th of November on the website.
2nd pre-order items will updated 6th of December to 10th of December on the website.

November 15th – theOrientdoll – DAE
-. Dolls of Dae type will be released on 15th of November.

Novebmer 15th -New colors of LeeKeworld’s Glass eyes
-. We will sale them low price during Leeke’s Winter Event ( NOV 15th to JAN 15th, 2011 ).
-. We will sale it high price after the Leeke’s Winter Event.

December 1st – LM line
-. We will re-stock part of LM wigs.
-. New wig of LM line will updated.

December 12rd – JAPAN EVENT
-. http://www.idollweb.net/tokyo/30.php
-. LEEKE will sale wigs, shoes and eyes at iDoll event.
-. We will update more information on Notice board.

*December 27th to January 3th.2011
-We prepared sale (20%~30%) to thank event.
-Limited Items and New Items are excepted during this sale (20%~30%).
-If you don’t pay for this order until January 5th, your order will be canceled.
-If you late for the payment, please let us know. We won’t cancel your order.

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