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Custom Face-up indisponível na Iplehouse - Im not a Toy

IpleHouse vai suspender temporariamente o serviço de face-up definida pelo cliente, daqui pra frente eles só farão a face-up igual as opções do site deles.

Recado IpleHouse:

We are afraid that we have decided to suspend the order of Custom Make Order for a while.
It will be only available to order the make up posted at out website.
In case of Custom Doll System, it is only possible to choose the Make Up styles appeared at our website.
For example, when you choose EID Jessica, you can select Basic A, B or Special Edition make up.
With regard to the make up cost, we will keep the cost same as existing make up cost.
It is not possible to ask small requests about Make Up Change such as lips or eyebrow colors so on.
Please make sure that only the Make Up styles shown on the photos at this website are possible to be offered.
All dolls are manufactured manually. Therefore, there might be small difference among same dolls.
We ask for understanding regarding this matter and we will do our best to give you good service.

Thank you for your understanding in advance. ^^

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