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Red Magician Petter - Im not a Toy

Ringdoll lança o Red Magician Petter, full-set com face-up, olhos, peruca, roupa e botas. A empresa tb dá opção da compra dele básico, com face-up e olhos de vidro. A empresa está dando desconto especial p os membro do RD Club.

Recadinho Ringdoll:

This boy is the first RD Club Member Edition that means their regular customers can get 50% discount to have him(1. nude doll with eyes and free face-up as before;2. only white skin is available;3. Shipping is not free this time) from 2011.1.1 – 2011.2.28 Hong Kong time.

The style of your pictures should be like this sample:

Any one card number can get one 50% discount Petter.

Petter‘s facebook is…46868812020653

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