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Novo IOS Body - Im not a Toy

Immortality of Soul vai lançar finalmente o novo corpo da empresa e as novas cabeças, no site já podemos ver as fotos do corpo em resina, a empresa vai começar a vender em 17 de dezembro, vai ter evento e tudo mais, detalhes abaixo.

Recadinho IoS:

Hello ~This is IOS .*^^*
We announce to inform you that sale periods of a new ‘Blood’ in December
<”The last sale in 2010 – ‘Blood’>

Sales Period: 17 December to 31 December.
( Photos, price, delivery, skin color will be announced on December 17.)

We are going to proceed the event to celebrate the opening of the 60cm doll and Cristmas in December.

IOS would like to ask to participate in the future please give lots of love ~*^^*

Thanks ~*^^*


This is timetable for sale of from 2010 December to 2011 May ~~~*^^*

*December 2010 : 60CM New Body + New Heads will be sale

*January 2011 : Website renewal.

*February~March 2011 : 1. 60 cm New Body + New Heads will be sale

2. 60 cm New Body + New Heads will be sale

*April 2011 : .

*May 2011 : A small cat will be sale

*Interchangeable heads & the 70 cm body dolls are planning to resell since July 2011

** We are going to be announced for information about resale since March,
please be careful with any questions ^^
( We don’t have exact plans yet to resell so it is difficult to answer any further questions ^^; please understand ^^)

** This schedule information is not a fixed ~> 0 “/ /

In addition, IoS is asking customers to fill out a questionaire.:

Event 1.

*Event Date: December 3 to December 31

*Winners Release Date: January 5

(Winner announced on site / The mail will tell.)

Those who complete the questionnaire, we’ll choose 3 people of the most well-written fill out questionnaires
and send the interchangeable heads.
(SEZZ – WHITE , GARSH – NORMAL , SEZZ – NORMAL )-> They are usually chosen at random

*** Questionnaire

Please answer carefully ^^


1.Name, age, country, birthday, gender, occupation, home page ID, nick name

2.How did you find the IOS website ?

3.What is your most favorite doll of IOS dolls ?

4.DO you have IOS another doll ? What is that?

5.DO you have another companies products that execpt IOS ?

6.Is there anything you want a model as a actor or characters of animation ?

7.Please, write that to improve about IOS

8.What would you like to say to IOS

9.Compared to other company’s products and IOS dolls. How do you rate IOS dolls?
( Each question scored in 10 points -> _____ points )

* Style, originality:
* Completion of the doll:
* Packaging & Shipping Satisfaction :


Please send me the copy of the questionnaire form ~*^^*

E-mail address:

Expecting Member’s Continuing Interests and Participations !! ^^

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