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Olleaf Love, Choco e Cookie - Im not a Toy

Olleaf lança 3 novos dolls limitados, com 26 cm, Love, Choco e Cookie, elas vem com olhos e peruca, vc pode escolher os sets de roupas A,B ou C.

From the company:

Dear customers,

This is Olleaf.
We have prepared lots of the special christmas presents for our olleaf customers.
I hope that many of you will participate in the event that the event is extreme after debut.

It will be released full – set dolls with several concepts in this winter season.
[Winter season event : 19th. Dec.2010~ 19th. Jan. 2011]
We will updates it continuously and sell the limited volume.
Pls keep your eyes and don’t miss the good chance.
- We did our utmost to prepare the Christmas presents.

The First concept

Sweet winter ver. [CHOCO. COOKIE .LOVE]

*Love is Olleaf’s new doll~.

- As the first event, we will sell it only 15pcs.

Enjoy happy Christmas and happy new year.
Let’s make a happy winter and have sweet Christmas with Olleaf dolls.



Dress choices

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