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Dolls de Natal na Lati - Im not a toy

Latidoll anunciou a data do lançamento dos tão esperados dolls de Natal, e serão eles Kuku, Lumi, Coco, Byuri, Miel e Lea. Eles já foram postados no site.

From Lati:

New collection of limited dolls will be released to celebrate Christmas 2010! They will be released on December 20th at noon (12:00 KST) and pictures of them will be updated soon.

Basic dolls will be restocked on the same day and we expect your huge love for them, too ^^

After the Christmas pre-orders are over, the company will be concentrating on completing and shipping all remaining back-orders. “…we will not release any collection of dolls until we finish all the shipments, except the Christmas release which was already announced. We will concentrate on shipment as many of our customers advised. We would like to say sorry to our customers again and we promise that we will do our best to improve our customer service.”

Im not a Toy 

Elf Kuku

Elf Byuri

Elf Coco

Elf Lea

Elf Lumi

Elf Miel


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