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Herber, The White Rabbit - Im not a Toy

Spirit Doll postou seu primeiro doll da linha limitada Dark Wonderland, Herber the White Rabbit. Ele na verdade é um presente no evento que vai começar em breve no site da marca.

Recadinho Spirit Doll:

~ The Dark Wonderland ~

Coming soon…

2011 Spirit doll Christmas & New Year Event Notice

Event time: Dec 10th, 2010 ~ Feb 15th, 2011


When ordering  ONE of the two Limited dolls in WHOLE SET, or TWO WHOLE DOLLs (body orders are not included) of either Proud line or Elegance line, you can chosse from the following two options as free gift:

1. The Rabbit, Herber, in the picture below (Body paint, clother and eyes are not included.);

2. A pair of Proud line joint hands.

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