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MigiDoll Shion (Boku no Chikyu wo mamotte) - I'm not a Toy

As encomendas de cabeças e dolls estão abertas na Migidoll e mais um modelo foi lançado, Shion, lindo, inspirado no mangá japonês "Boku no Chikyu wo mamotte".... numa escultura meio DOD mas com olhos LUTS... Gostei bastante. As encomendas podem ser feitas entre 16 e 31 de dezembro.

Recadinho Migidoll:

**The period of order**

*Term : Dec/16 ~ Dec/31

*Products on sale: :Shion, Ryu, Miho, Jina, Yuri, Cho, Ryeong, Owen, Noel, 63cm body.

*The period of payment : after placing order, please make the payment till Jan/8, but if you want to delay it please let us know the time in advance.

*Delivery : Shipping is currently planned to start on the 1rd week of Feb. Shipping order will be depending on payment order, but this may not always the case, like when a head become defective and have to make again, or some kind of head made earlier than expected.

*Pre-advice to group orderer. The delivery of group order can be delayed if a few products are lack though others are ready.We will try to send the goods as per order of payment but please kindly keep in mind when you place group order.Also, In case of group orders for many bodies, they can be put into a several boxes. There is no additional charge on customer in that case.

Im not a Toy


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