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Novo Doll Chai e Declaração da empresa sobre Judges - Im not a Toy

Ringdoll divulga uma foto do seu próximo doll, Chai, mais fotos e lançamento em breve. Hoje sobre o lançamento de seu doll Judges a empresa fez uma declaração aos seus clientes explicando sobre a semelhança do doll com o Grell da série de quadrinho japones Kuroshitsuji.

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Declaração Ringdoll:

“Thank you everyone for supporting RingDoll!
We would like to state some facts regarding our newest release Judges. Our style designer used our existing RTB09 head sculpt (was used for Spencer), and RTbody-2 for his body. The concept of Judges, including the studio photography is heavily influenced by the Japanese comic series Kuroshitsuji (黑执事) character Grell. We designed this doll as homage to one of the Anime series beloved by everyone here at RingDoll.
With regarding to Copyrights infringement issues that some doll lovers have brought to our attention, we already did our preliminary consultation with our legal department and third party Copyrights law professionals. We are quite confident that our creation is and should be considered original art. There is no ambiguity whether our doll design is legal or not.
However, we realize that such design can easily lead to unnecessary controversies and negative publicity. We apologize if this has caused any discomfort for our doll lovers out there. We will definitely be more cautious with the future designs to avoid such controversy.
RingDoll Team”

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