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Promoção Jaime Doll - Im not a Toy

Jaime Doll está em promoção....música para nossos ouvidos!

Recadinho Jaime Doll:

Jaimedoll’s Adonis 40% discount event!!

Hello, this is Jaime. We prepared fun event on April.

“Adonis,’ which means most little kid on Jaimedoll.

To celebrate birth date of Adonis flower, April 6, we are going to sell a series of Adonis in Jaime as 40% discounted price from April 6 at noon for a month.

You can buy the wig, shoes, and some head parts as very cheap price.

Jaimedoll’s wig, shoes, and head are the items for 15~16cm tall dolls

So, there are good for the customer who likes little baby.

Announcement of wig part

*Shipment takes a time less than a week after order

*Compatible head

(Representative size: compatible with L Company’s yellow head, 15cm doll. In case of wig, it is made of flexible cap, you can equip with other dolls which is bigger than Jaime’s head.)

*If you know further information, please leave a query on QnA board.

Announcement of shipment in shoes

*Shipment takes a time less than a week after order

*Please be aware of the size between Adonis 15cm and 18cm.

Compatible foot size of other companies

*Size of 15cm

(Representative size: compatible with L Company’s yellow line, 15cm doll)

*Size of 18cm

3cm, 3-3.7cm foot sized doll can be compatible with it.

This event has limited quantity, so certain product is expected to be sold out quickly.

If you want to buy, then please be hurry.

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