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Blue Fairy Robin - Im not a Toy

Blue Fairy ai lançar no dia 8 de abril um novo menino, Robin, que vai estar disponível como menino ou menina.

Recadinho Blue Fairy:

Tiny Fairy – Robin

To celebrate the release of BlueFairy¡¯s new Tiny Fairy products, we are having a Pre-order event with a special offer during 4 days from April 8th to 11th of 2011. New products we introduce are Tiny Fairy Robin head, Gentle body and the new default outfit.

The default set that you can pre-order during this period is Robin Boy or Girl make-up head with fully assembled Tiny Fairy Gentle body or Blossom Body. But you can also select and change with the desired head type or body with additional fees.

The new default outfit set, wig, eyes, shoes can not be selected or changed. Whole set only will be arranged by the body types.
(ex: Girl outfit set for female body and boy outfit set for male body)

* Default Pre-order Set

- Normal Skin Robin Boy or Girl Make-up head
(You will be able to select and change with other type of heads with additional fees, $10) **Except the limited edition exclusive heads

- Fully Assembled Normal Skin Gentle Body or Blossom Body (You will be able to select and change with other type of body with additional fees, $10)£©

- Default Wig

- BlueFairy Default box and Cusions

- New Default Outfit set & Default Shoes. (arranged by the different body types)
Girl¡¢Blossom¡¢Full Blossom Body£º New Default Girl Outfit + Default Boots
Boy¡¢Dandy Body£º New Default Boy Outfit (Middle Pants) + Default Boots
Gentle Body£º New Default Boy Outfit (Long Pants) + Oxford Shoes

**The price above is only applied for customers, who place a pre-order during the event period.
As soon as the event is over, the price will be back to regular price.

Pre-order schedule
From 5:00PM on April 8th, 2011 to 10:00AM on April 11th, 2011 (4 days) – Korea time

Payment deadline
Payment should be made until midnight on April 14th. There will be no extension due to the manufacturing schedule.

Shipping Schedule
Default Pre-order set: will be shipped out in 20 business days from the payment confirmation date.
Changed Pre-order set: will be shipped out in 30 business days from the payment confirm.

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