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Evento na Doll Leaves - Im not a Toy

Doll Leaves anuncia um novo evento para comemorar o Ano Novo;

Recadinho Doll Leaves:

Hello, everyone,

To celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, DS held EVENT as the follow:

Event time: 15 Jan, 2011 ——- 28 Feb, 2011


1. Purchase any products (limited items are not included) from DOLL LEAVES during the event time valued USD200, can get a coupon USD25; USD400, can get a coupon USD50; the rest may be deduced by analogy;

2. Purchase any 1/4 doll during the event time, can get one pair of special hands; purchase Mint or Acorn, can get one pair of Fairy wings; Activity 2 is processed with activity 1 at the same time.


1. The coupon cannot be used to buy outfits;

2. The coupon only can be used with your Chinese Lunar New Year order.


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