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Dream High Studios Lulu - Im not a Toy

Dream High Studios vai lançar mais uma pequena, Lulu, com 10,5cm, praticamente uma fadinha. O lançamento ocorrerá em 1 de fevereiro exclusivamente através da Luxour Academy. Na versão básica ela será vendida com face-up, pintura no corpo e uma par de olhos, na versão full-set ela será vendida com isso tudo em mais peruca e vestido. Ela vai ser fabricada em resina normal, glow in the dark ou lilac skin.

Recadinho Luxour Academy:

The resin used is an exclusive resin mix (“DHS Dream resin”) that was developed by Donny Harijanto of Dreamhigh Studio. DHS Dream Resin is a new formula that gives our resin the characteristics of plastic. It is slightly flexible and doesn’t chip easily but can still be sanded and drilled. The weight is like normal resin and the texture is just the same like DHS older Resin. It’s solvent-proof (unlike plastics that will melt down if dipped into solvents such as thinner, turpentine, alcohol, etc) and is far more durable against bumps or falls from high places than normal resin. (we’ve tested it by dropping the head cast into hard solid ground from 2 meters high) It still has the beautiful colors and translucency of normal resin, but it doesn’t yellow as much as french resin.

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