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Evento IpleHouse - Im not a Toy

IpleHouse muda para um novo escritório e comemora o inicio da primavera com o seu primeiro evento do período, sorte para eles!

Recadinho IpleHouse:

= Celebration of Iplehouse’s movement =
The goddess of spring has arrived, how wonderful it is.
Iplehouse has been completed successfully to move in a new office. Thanks for your support.
So, we want to offer goodies with a small donation to our customers in May,
and have prepared a special event for customers, a variety of events are waiting for you now,
make yourself to create a more pleasant and happy month get a hope.
Do not miss out our offering three kinds of events ~!!!!
From 2nd of May to 31st of May
Prepared the quantity of goods can be an early out of stock.
First, the voucher discount events
*When you purchased over $100
$ 3 Discounted fares
*When you purchased over $250
$ 10 Discounted fares
*When you purchased over $500
$ 25 Discounted fares
*When you purchased over $1000
$ 60 Discounted fares
*For new member
$ 3 Discounted fares
Second, the head separately Events
Third, the body separately Events
*Head / Body optional events are available through the Custom Doll System and,
the skin color option can be applied to white, normal, special-real and light brown.
Ebony colors do not offer in events.
**** NOTE ****
NO make-up orders can be delivered faster than make-up.
After the order is difficult to provide because of lack of stock,
so an e-mail may be sent to customers cause of stock.
So please note that.
It can be a delay in shipping orders during the events.
You would like to receive your goods to be fast.
So if you want to get it earlier than other, please complete the quick payment.
Some items may be excluded.
Discount vouchers cannot be duplicated.
Vouchers are not exchanged for cash.
We would like to offer better services to customers.
Thank you for your interest and support. :)

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