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Aviso da WithDoll - Im not a Toy

WithDoll posta um gigantesco aviso e pedido de desculpas sobre o atraso no lançamento. O aviso fala sobre preços, datas e sobre como vai funcionar a Programa de Pontos.

"Recadinho" WithDoll:

Dear Withdoll fans
We have to let you know a bad news regarding to our launching date.
We made a decision to postpone our launching date to 27th ~ 29th.
The reason why is we did not like our painting on the parts – especially the red parts – and want to re-do it with other color. And also, we accidently put bigger magnets into the hands, so there is some gap between hand and arm parts.
We apologize for not being punctual but we will do our best to get it done in time.
Thanks and have a great day
P.S Our Layaway Program will offer 3 month easy payment plan and we will update the details in near future. Thanks.
About the Price
We are planning to offer our Juwel Full Set for $585.00 (including wig, clothes, and parts as well) after long discussion and consideration.
Our Juwel has more parts (35 parts) than others and also all additional parts such as helmet, armors, and so on, will have their own magnet system too. For those flexiblity, we have spent long time to develope.
(To give someone an answer about our pants, it is just one piece)
About the skin, we are planning to release Gray or Brown Tan Version first, and as we mentioned before, during the launcing event period, there is no additional cost for special skin. So, total Full Set will be about $585.00
These are what we have come with the price
Head : $80.00
Body : $220.00
Parts (Black Resin) : $160.00
Clothes : $100.00
Wig : $25.00
Eyes : $20.00
We are going to release 50 dolls each skin limited worldwide for $585.00
(The reason why we only offer a full set is to complete our Withdoll Story Line)
And also, Juwel White skin or Normal Skin has not been planned yet, but we will think of that for another Event in near future.
We’ve heard somthing about our OE head from our fans recently, and we would like to explain about our Mileage Shop regarding to that.
Mostly, In BJD world, 1 point equals to $1.00 as you know. However, in withdoll.com, 1 point means $10.00 or more in our Mileage Shop.
Let’s get more details about that.
1. All Withdoll Parts will be up and available for you.
For example, you can purchase a Chest parts for 3 points. If we upgrade our Chest, then you can use your point to upgrade easily. (We are planning to put our sample body aside, and will try our best to match the skin color.)
If you wish to purchase some parts becasue of the breakage, you can always use your points to replace.
Or, you can gather about 20 points to purchase our body too. If you have 20 points at Withdoll.com, it is about 10 times more worth than other BJD studio.
2. Limited Edition, but still on the way.
We still have a long way to go. Doll Base, Arrows, or others, we have planned so many stuffes and we are still working on them. So, we decided to offer you these service – Milleage Shop. First of all, we will put a OE Head Base for 3 points in near future.
After that, we are planning to put other Special Parts for Juwel (such as weapon, or Pets) at our Mileage Shop to upgrade your fantasy world.
Most of our products in our Mileage Shop will not exceed 5 points.
Which means, If you purchase Juwel Full set, you will have 5.8 points, and you can use that points for Body Upgrade or other Replacement Parts later. Or, you can also use that for the OE Head Base.

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