sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Novidades, Choco, Chou & Cream - Im not a Toy

Dream of Doll marca o lançamento de seus novos bebês para dia 28 de agosto e vai ter brinde, quem terminar de pagar até dia 4 de setembro vai ganhar asinhas de anjo com os dolls.will be released on August 28 (Korean time).

From the company:

Hello We’re Dream of Doll^^
The new types of D.O.B were just released!!
Sweet and lovely Chou, Cream and Choco~
This is the first time that  baby is introducted in elf vampire style!
Your warmest attention and interest in these new babies would be much appreciated~
*The sales period begins on 28th, August and we will provide angel’s wings as a gift for the customers that complete payment between 28th, August and 4th, September. Don’t miss the chance!

Im not a Toy 

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